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Sap. 2023

In this body of work, I have photographed my parents, during their yearly spring routine of collecting sap.

'Sap' is a photographic exploration of two complex relationships. One of husband and wife and another - of father and daughter. These photographs also act as a portrait of my father with whom life has never been peaceful.

Viewing the ordinary, rather quiescent moment, through the viewfinder of my camera encouraged me to observe, to try and understand. To not judge.

Were They Even Here? 2022

Fashion series, inspired by Sarah Moon's and Saul Leiter's work.

Ethereal Bodies. 2021-ongoing

In these series I'm trying to capture how our physique changes when we're in the water. The body is distorted, it becomes light and liberated from gravity.

The way sun is illuminating skin through constantly wavering water is divine, the lack of visibility and stability is what's making these photographs spontaneous and unpredictable.


Water not only provides us with life but is in itself alive too.

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