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Artist Profile

I'm a Lithuanian artist currently based in London and working worldwide

in the mediums of moving image, photography, printmaking, and performance. I have

been operating commercially for over 5 years, working mostly with

fashion, music, and tech. Recently my focus has shifted towards fine art

practice as well as cinema.

In my work, I explore ideas that help me interpret and understand myself

and the world around me. I’m heavily influenced by feelings, memories,

and experiences, but I’m also interested in creating and telling stories.

Whether they would be real or fictional, I’m looking to evoke certain

emotions and sensations, or simply inspire wondering, daydreaming,

questioning. I don’t constrain myself with a particular style, concept, and

the medium of my work is always in development.

Having background in music, theatre, dance, and fashion is significant to

the production of my work. Although, it sometimes acts as a subtle

addition to what I’m creating, I constantly look for inspirations in these

practises, simultaneously seeking to expand my views and connect with

versatile audiences. Some of my influences are Ludovico Einaudi,

Andrey Tarkovsky, Sarah Moon, Konstantin Stanislavski, Akram Khan.


. . .

Change in life happens quite rapidly. People, places, opportunities,

knowledge are always in motion, therefore I explore both mundane and

transcendent meanings, with a cautious aim to contemplate them and

divert from superficial tendencies of comprehension.

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